OWL Blogs – March 2016

BlogRosemaryMy sister and I have a heart to bring the OneWayLove of Christ into the community, so when you see the name, you will know that through Jesus, we are here to bind up the brokenhearted; to turn your ashes into beauty; because God is the great Redeemer. Only the Love of the Father can set the captives free! (Isaiah 61:3) Jesus was the “lamb” that allowed Himself to be caught in a “thicket” as payment for all our transgression. When you see Jesus unveiled in Scriptures, when you see His love, suffering, and sacrifice revealed in Scripture like this, your heart will burn with the warmth of His love. Unconsciously discouragement, worries and all your apprehensions will melt away as His unconditional love ignites hope and faith in your heart.

~ Rosemary

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